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How to Make Your Very Own Custom Lanyards the Simple Way

If you love arts and craft, then making custom lanyards should be one of the things you can do. Not only is this a simple arts and craft project, the final result can also be used in a lot of things. You can use it as a keychain for your house keys or you can create a bracelet you will wear to the next party you will be attending. It will surely attract other people’s attention, especially when done well.

custom lanyardsThe said arts and craft project is easy to do. Even if this is your first time doing the project, you will find this a piece of cake. It will not take you a long time to finish one scoubie, even if you are a beginner. In fact, you can complete a customized scoubie that can be used as a keychain in less than half an hour.

In order to complete the lanyard project without a problem, you have to prepare the materials beforehand though. By preparing the materials before you start making a gimp, you can ensure that the work will go smoothly. You do not have to break your concentration just to get a pair of scissors in the kitchen if you have already prepared everything and the materials are within reach.

The materials that are necessary for the project should not be that difficult to obtain. The main item to prepare for the making of custom lanyards is the craft lace, which is preferably a plastic string. You also need to prepare a few key hook or ring. Any adhesive material such as glue and a pair of scissors must also be placed within reach when working on the gimp.

Especially when you are a beginner in this arts and craft project, better nail the key hook on the surface. When you are working, you will have to thread two lanyard cords to the key hook. Knotting the lace to the key hook prevents the strings from moving around. Thus, nailing the key hook to the surface ensures tight tension while braiding. Do not be afraid to put a bit of force into the strings when braiding to ensure tight tension since the lace will not tear that easily.

Braiding the plastic lace so that it becomes a scoubie is easy. You just have to interweave one string over another. Start by taking the far right string and moving it over the string to the nearest left. Do this to the second string to the left, moving it over the string to its nearest left as well. After that, take the left string and move it over to the right. Do these steps over and over until the string runs out.

When the string runs out, you will have to knot the end then. Be sure to tie the end knot for this string as close as possible to the braid part. For custom lanyards, the braid should have a tight tension to it. Check that before knotting. Otherwise, the scoubie will look lame and unappealing after you are done with it.

As a tip to making the custom lanyards, pause for a bit after you have braided for five to ten times. You have to pause your work to check if the stitch is correct, especially when you are using strings of different colors. Continue only if the stitch looks right. Otherwise, you must redo the braid as needed.

Another tip you can remember when making the customized gimp is that you should keep it straight. The tension of the braid is not the only element in the scoubie that you should pay attention to, after all. It will be awkward to look at the boondoggle if it is twisted.

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What Are Custom Lapel Pins

mintexWho would’ve known that the big ornaments pinned to the shirt or jacket near the collar are called lapel pins? Some are just plain accessories to enhance an outfit, while some are custom label pins that are specially made for recognition, people awareness, or for good causes.

In a formal definition, a lapel pin is an enamel ornament pinned to the lapel of the jacket. The sizes may vary, from small diameters to big surfaces that bring recognition. Lapel pins were introduced around 1960 and were used as identification or affiliation. Nowadays, these accessories serve as tourist souvenirs or collector’s items.

RecognitioThere are different kinds of lapel pins. Some are made for organizations to establish the members from non-members. Others have it made for promotional purposes for a brand or company. Pins are also used to gather awareness of a certain issue or support to a favorable cause. These types of pins are custom label pins. They create an original design and send it out to pin manufacturing companies and have it produced.

One type of custom label pins is the Awareness Lapel Pin. These pins are made visually moderate in size in order for other people to recognize it right away. These pins can bring awareness to other people who are unfamiliar with the cause or issue. Customized lapel pins like these are duplicated in a significant number in order to create a stir to its target audience. Wearing of the pins usually means that you support the cause. It promotes awareness and some organizations use it to raise funds that will be donated to the cause.

Recognition pins are another type. These are smaller in size and they are designed differently, depending on the company or organization. This type of custom label pins is used to single out an individual who is performing excellently among the rest. This is a good tactic to motivate employees. Companies frequently award ‘Best Employee’, ‘Employee of the Month’, ‘Most Outstanding’, and ‘Good Performance’ to diligent members of the business.

lordAdvertisement pins are lapel pins used to promote or advertise a certain product or service of a particular company. This is a good marketing strategy to grab the attention of the target market, make a good stir among them, and invest in something that requires a small amount of income but with great results. The designs are creatively made to attract attention from the target audience. Some are used by endorsers and influencers.

Lapel pins are also categorized by the backside clasps. This keeps the pin in place.

largeThe butterfly clutch is the most popular type of clasp. A small prong is attached to the reverse side of the pin and is held in place with a clasp. When the clutch is squeezed, the pin is released from the prong by pulling it up. It is also called the ‘military clutch’.

Safety clasps imitate the design of the safety pin. It is the easiest to use but the pin is not firmly attached to the clothing.

Magnetic clasps have small magnetic discs inserted to the main magnet, which is attached to the backside of the pin. It isn’t as secure as other types, but it does prevent small holes punctured on clothes.

The most secure clasp is the screw and nut. The prong is threaded to keep the nut intact while the screw spins it in place. It enables the pin to get a firm hold unto the cloth.

Custom Label Pins are good accessories for more than just an outfit. It can promote a business, raise funds for a good cause, and make someone shine above the rest.

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